My name is Václav and I am from a small town near Prague. I lived in Prague the last five years, but recently I have moved to Berlin for some time. I graduated in Phonetics and Logic at Charles University and I have been teaching Czech full-time for over two years now. Phonetics is concerned with speech in general so Czech pronunciation, including segmental level (r, ř,...), stress, rhytm or intonation was a big part of my studies. Logic is not directly linked to this, but it teaches abstract and systematic thinking, which is also useful in language teaching.

I have been teaching Czech to students at different levels and different ages (ranging from 13 to 70) and I always try to find a teaching style based on each individual's needs. I really enjoy teaching and spend as much time preparing the lessons as on teaching itself. I am open to what ideas students bring and we try to find together the most effective way to learn.